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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please first look to see if it is included below before contacting us. If you do not find your question among these questions that we receive most often, please visit the Under Over 2.5 Goals Tips Contact page and you can submit your question there.

1. How long before I start receiving my tips?

It takes just a few minutes to complete enrollment and then we start sending your tips immediately. You could be placing winning bets later today!

2. How will the tips be sent to me again?

We will send the tips to the email address you provide during registration.

3. How close to match time are the tips sent?

We want you to have plenty of time to bet so we typically send our tips 14-48 hours before a match.

4. Can I use my own bookie or do you recommend one?

You can use any bookie that you want. We can also make recommendations if you are searching for a bookie.

5. Are some online bookies better than others?

Some bookies offer better odds and have better reputations. We can make recommendations if you like.

6. Why don’t you offer free replacements?

Because of our high win-rate we don’t offer replacements.

7. How can I believe the tips history you display on your site?

We adhere to a strict code of ethics and would never lie about past performance. The results displayed are 100% ours.

8. What is your site’s average winning rate?

Our tips are currently winning at a rate of 70% to 85% a month.

9. Do you provide money management guidance?

Yes, we will share money management principles with you as soon as you sign up. Following these principles can help you make money over the long term.

10. What are the Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 bets?

For the Over 2.5 bet to win there must be at least three goals scored in the match. For the under 2.5, there must be only 2 goals are less scored in the match.